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Why use a travel agent?


What does a travel agent do?

A travel agent researches various travel options and works to find the best match for your travel needs.  We sell airline tickets, book hotel reservations, book car reservations and sell train tickets, book vacation packages, cruises, honeymoon packages, destination weddings, put together group travel and sell insurance.

How much does it cost to use a travel agent?

Our office has a standard fee of $30 per domestic airline ticket and $50 per international airline ticket - because the airlines do not pay us any commission to issue their tickets.  From there, our prices vary based on the amount of time involved in putting a package together and whether we get paid commission from any of the suppliers we use.

Can't I get the same thing online and do it myself?

You can buy travel online and the price can be less expensive.  If you base your travel needs on price alone then the internet is a great place to purchase.  We offer advice, assistance, and knowledge and we save you time so you don't have to spend hours trying to compare different products on different websites.

There are a lot of online companies that advertise "cheap" prices but we work with established, reputable vendors.  We have been in business 35+ years and we are local and support the local community.


How much luggage can I take on my flight?  What is the charge for checked bags?

Luggage allowance varies by air carrier and destination.  Generally if you fly domestically within the US the first checked bag is $30.00 and the second checked bag is $40.00 each way.  The checked baggage weight is 50 pounds maximum per bag.  You can take one carry-on per person plus a personal item (laptop, purse, etc) for free but it must be able to fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat and the maximum weight for the carry-on bag is 40 pounds.

Airline policies and prices change constantly so it is always a good idea to check with us prior to your flight if you have questions.  You can also access this information on each airline's website.

Why can't I get the seat (aisle or window toward the front, in an exit row, at the bulkhead) I want?

The airlines reserve their best seats for their elite frequent flyers. If you are not a frequent flyer, the airlines charge an additional fee to get the seats with more legroom toward the front of the plane and more requested seats such as an aisle seat. The airline will also hold a percentage of seats back for airline check-in.  Once all of the unblocked seats are taken, then the seats can be obtained at airline check-in which is 24 hours prior to your flight time online (at each individual airlines website) and 4 or less hours prior to your flight time at the airport.

All airlines reserve the right to change your seat from the original confirmation as the physical configuration of the plane can be changed. 


Can you guarantee we will get a connecting room or rooms next to each other?

Unfortunately, no.  Hotels and resorts have guests checking in and out at various times of the day and depending on when you arrive at the hotel, the connecting rooms may not be available.  The hotel will assign you a room that is available in the category you paid for at the time check-in.

We can request connecting or adjoining rooms but it is up to the hotel to confirm the request at the time you check-in.